AITA Network is?
A high scalable, incentive and secure blockchain based on reputation, a well-studied concept in peer-to-peer network.
In the latest testnet on AWS, AITA Network has achieved VISA level TPS with sharding protocol estimated time to fail >4823 years.
  • Unique
    AITA network involves the concept of reputation to monitor the behavior of all validators and creates a dual-chain scheme: reputation chain and transaction chain to separate transaction confirmation and consensus and enhance the performance.
  • Incentive
    In AITA network, the reward of validators are given based on validators’reputation scores. Thus all validators have the incentive to maintain the network well so they can achieve high profit.
  • Scalable & Secure
    AITA network achieves scalability with sharding. The sharding scheme is enhanced with reputation scheme. As a result, the sharding process of AITA network is effective and secure.
  • Efficient & Portable
    AITA network can identify validators with more capability and loyalty to improve network total performance. Other blockchain can integrate our reputation scheme as an extra layer to benefit their blockchain projects.
Who We Are
AITA is a team comprised of prestigious professors, accomplished entrepreneurs and experienced engineers. The team has pioneered the way in blockchain infrastructure construction and is dedicated to develop a more secure and fast sharding protocol for open blockchain.
  • Aaron Guan
    Chief Executive Officer
    Visiting Scholar, Oxford University
    During undergraduate, Aaron successfully invested and launched an AI startup which later received $2 million investment from a listed company in China. Aaron is now a Ph.D. student in HKUST with main research direction as blockchain incentive modelling. He also has rich experience in famous public mutual/private fund. Aaron is currently leading the AITA team for developing a scalable, secure and high incentive sharding protocol for blockchain.
  • Chief Scientist
    Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
    IEEE Fellow, Cheung Kong Chair Professor
    Prof. Zhang joined HKUST in 2005 where she is now Tencent Professor of Engineering and Chair Professor of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Prof. Zhang has published more than 400 refereed papers and is the inventor of about 40 pending International patents. She is a Fellow of IEEE for her contribution to the field of distributed systems and has received MIT TR100 (MIT Technology Review) world’s top young innovator award. She received the Second-Class Award (the 3rd awardee) in Natural Sciences for Research Excellence by the State Council in 2012. She also received the Best Asia Pacific (AP) Young Researcher Award elected by IEEE Communication Society in 2004, and MIT TR100 (MIT Technology Review) World’s Top Young Innovator Award. She also received the Best Paper Award in Multimedia Technical Committee (MMTC) of IEEE Communication Society in 2005 and Best Paper Award for QShine 2006, IEEE Globecom 2007, IEEE ICDCS 2008, IEEE ICC 2010, and IEEE Globecom 2012. She gained the Oversea Young Investigator Award from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) in 2006 and held the Cheung Kong Chair Professor.
  • Zeyu Wang
    Chief Technology Officer
    PhD, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
    Zeyu is the head of technology for AITA. He got a bachelor’s degrees in Shanghai Jiaotong University. He proposed several technologies in his research as the building blocks for next-generation blockchain, addressing consensus and privacy issues. His research work has been published in top international conferences in ACM Mobisys (2015), UBICOMP(2018), IEEE INFOCOM (2018, 2017 & 2015) and IEEE GLOBECOM (2016). He won Nomination Award of Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship 2015 and Best Video of Proc. ACM Mobisys 2015.
  • Queenie Wang
    Chief Operation Officer
    Master in Finance, Peking University
    Queenie heads up business development and operation at AITA. She has extensive sales experience in financial services. Her prior roles include sales of fixed income products such as bonds, ABS and REITS at PingAn Security Company, one of China’s top financial institutions where she worked with asset managers in funds, security companies, insurance companies and banks. Queenie also has rich experience in investment bank and private fund.
  • Zack Zhang
    Head of Research
    PhD, National University of Singapore
    Zack is the Head of Research of AITA. He is a PhD candidate at Center for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore. His research interests broadly include security, privacy and applied cryptography, quantum cryptography, quantum computer, quantum memory and algorithms. Zack’s research work has been published in many top-ranked international academic journals.
  • Shuai Peng
    Core developer
    Master of Software Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University
    Shuai Peng is a practitioner in various areas in the Computer Science including blockchain, distributed systems and program analysis. He is also proficient in Java and various software design patterns, as well as has extensive experience in constructing the web service system and mobile development for Android. Shuai was a former Android developer in Meituan, a famous e-commerce company listed in HK Stock Exchange, where he was the core developer of Meituan‘s POS cashier and developed the tool for queening up independently. Shuai is good at improving the efficiency of project management and development.
  • Albert Zhao
    Core developer
    Master of Control Theory and Control Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University
    Albert has been involved in development of distributed systems using C++ with the focus on the reliability, scalability and throughput. He is proficient in Linux network programming and Peer-to-Peer network design. Albert has extensive experience in development of embedded software. Albert is former C++ developer in CRRC, a China’s famous state-owned enterprise focusing on vehicle system, where he was in charge of designing the On-board Metro Intelligent Ops System of four different metro lines.
Project AITA started
Whitepaper released
Release public testnet V0.1
Ready for mainnet lanch
Achieved 6800+TPS on AWS
Internal testnet launched
Release public testnet V0.2
Release anchor dapp
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